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iTECH FM400 Cyclone Fine Dust Extractor 2.2 kw 1ph

iTECH FM400 Cyclone Fine Dust Extractor 2.2 kw 1ph

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The FM400-2200 cyclone dust extractor is suitable for small to medium sized workshops, either single machines, multiple machines or ducted extraction systems. The FM400 is supplied complete with remote control start / stop and motorised auto filter cleaning when the unit is stopped. they are suitable for either dedicated single machine use or as part of a small ducting system around the workshop.It offers outstanding value and is now supplied preassembled for ease of installation.

Cyclone extractors offer a consistent, superior performance achieved by separating the heavy waste from the fine dust, before the airflow passes through the fan. This allows the fan to operate efficiently at a consistent speed.

The fine cartridge filters on cyclones last much longer before requiring cleaning, helping to sustain a high airflow and reduce maintenance time. The FM400 now incorporates and automatic motorised self cleaning [check this when comparing cyclones]

Pre-assembled for quick installation
Automatic filter cleaning for consistent airflow.
Remote Control Stop / Timer
Mobile base
Connect to single or multiple machines using the included 3 port adaptor.
Nice and quiet in operation
A manometer gives a quick, visual indication of performance.
The wheeled waste bin makes the task of waste disposal easier -
Balancer hoses allow you to use plastic bags for dust collection.
This all round extractor, ideal for a clean workshop environment. .
Supplied with 1 micron polyester cartridge filter, plastic collection bag and steel impeller.

Technical Specification:
Filter Cleaning Automatic
Main Motor Power: 3 kw 230v
Collection Capacity 240 litres
Impeller Diameter 402 mm
Particle Size: 1 micron
Inlet 1 x 200mm or 3 x 100mm
Air flow: 1760m3/hr
Max Static Pressure 2.8 kpa
Noise Level: 78dB(A)@3m
Filter Area: 4.32 m2
Filter Cleaning Automatic
Drum Collection bag layflat size: 621×960
Collection bag layflat size: 370×750 mm
Overall Dimension: 1343×900×2170 mm
Packing size
(as of 2021) 132 x 92 x 231cm
Gross weight: 172 kgs

Spare bags:

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