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iTECH 6090 Desktop CNC Router Deal

iTECH 6090 Desktop CNC Router Deal

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The iTECH 6090 Desktop CNC Router Deal comprises of everything needed to get profesional and time saving nesting on our popular iTECH 6090 Heavy duty CNC Router. It includes:

-The popular iTECH 6090T Desktop CNC Router
-Heavy duty Birch ply CNC Bench plus a shelf for the controler and vacuum pump bed
-Universal vacuum table kit: easy clamping, securing and holding down your components
-V Carve Pro

The iTECH Q Series Desktop CNC Routers are popular for prototyping, small batch production or even home workshops, The Q series CNC routers are a space-saving professional design at an affordable price with great features. They are excellent starter machines ideal for making protypes of products, with a heavy duty one piece welded steel frame.

3D modelling from solid... yes, you can do it with the easy to use high powered Vectric V Carve Pro software that we are currently bundling in with it. Easy to Design - Easy to Produce! If you have your own software such as Fusion 360 it will work with that too (just select the GRBL post processor)

These high precision desktop CNC routers can be used for all types of materials and aren't limited to wood or one application. Do your own engravings? machining foam? Aluminium? Plastics?..these machines can do just that, with outstanding precision. Cutting sign lettering? Our Q series tabletop CNC routers can make it happen.

The Q series, are high quality small CNC routers that feature a welded, one-piece steel frame, double linear guides with German made lead screw drive for quick assembly, long life and accurate alignment from the start.
As standard all Q series CNC routers have a powerful, high frequency 2.2 kW [3hp] 1ph router head, which is liquid cooled, keeping the spindle at a constant temperature and maintains longevity.

The machine has a larger than average diameter 100mm extraction port to help keep your work and workshop clean.
The handheld DSP pendent control screen displays the tool path and the G-code during design and production.
Programming and design are Easy to use full version of Vectric V Carve Pro CAD CAM Software.

Included in the Deal is a compact vacuum table designed for use on our desktop range of CNC machines but which also has a wider use in clamping and holding of boards for edgebanding and other operations where it is important to hold the board secure whilst machining.
Ideal for nesting work (cutting multiple parts from a sheet) it is nessary to place a sacrificial mdf board on top of the bed. if you are simply engraving or not cutting through then you can work directly on the surface of the table. The table is supplied with plugs to block off unwanted vacuum zones of the table. It is also supplied with T slots for mechanical clamping should the workpiece be too small or narrow for an effective vacuum hold down.

exhaust from the vacuum table is on the underside to keep the work area completely clear - Thus you will have to cut a hole in the bed of the machine to install the vacuum bed and a hole in te frame end of the machine for the tube to exit. the table can simply then be screwed to the existing bed

Vacuum table specification:
table size 635 x 935mm
table thickness 40mm
material heavy duty PVC
groove size 10mm
mechanical clamp strips 4
vac cord 10-12mm
vacuum pump 2.2Kw
voltage 240V 1 phase

Technical Specification:
Clamping range 635 x 910 mm
Working area 600 x 900 x 150mm
Dimensions 1000 x 1430 x920 mm
Movement speed 8m/min
Passage height 150 mm
Repeat accuracy 0.05 mm
Reverse backlash 0.1 mm
Technical resolution 0.00375
X-Y-Z movement German Ball screw drive
Pre Delivery Inspection [PDI] Yes
Max. cutting speed 6m/min
Spindle Power 2.2 kw
Spindle speed 24,000rpm
Inverter power 2.2 kw
Dust Exhaust Connection 100 mm
Drive motors stepper 57BH 300D 26E
Working voltage 230v 1 phase 50 hz 32a
Command code G code
Weight 200 Kg
Computer interface USB 2.2
Collet Size ER 20 - 2mm - 12.7mm
Tooling included : 6mm spiral, 2x 3mm spiral, 2x engraving bits

Vectric VCarve Pro Software Included

Controls DSP A11 (Digital Signal Processor)
Packing dimensions 1500x1100x1040mm 250kg

Starter kit includes: table clamps 1/8", 6mm & 1/2" Collet in tool box.

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